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Guardia Alpha
Guardia Alpha
Settlement in Medici
Type Military outpost
Region Insula Fonte
Province Baia
Coordinates N 40 40.740
E 5 44.965
Missions that take place here Time For An Upgrade

Guardia Alpha is a military outpost in Just Cause 3.


It's a small military outpost.

The in-game map description says "The sheer size of Medici's ever-expanding military spurred demand for storage and refueling facilities like Guardia Alpha."

This is the only outpost not to have Medici Military soldiers guarding it. That's because this is a mission location where the purpose of the mission is to learn to not use weapons. In-universe, it does have buildings, so it's odd that it was deserted.


Near the town of Manaea, on top of a small mountain.




  • This outpost is used as a tutorial for the new grappling hook and tethering. This is also the first location to be liberated in the game.
  • This is the only outpost in Medici that does not correspond to the naming scheme of "Guardia (province) (number)".

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