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Guardia Lacos II
Guardia Lacos II
Viewed from an Urga Hrom D.
Settlement in Medici
Type Military outpost
Region Insula Fonte
Province Lacos
Coordinates N 40 40.885
E 5 42.935
Missions that take place here None

Guardia Lacos II is a military outpost in Just Cause 3.


It's a small outpost with 7 destructible objects, along with a Guard tower just outside the entrance, which is composed of two small bunkers. There is a weapons crate next to one of the bunkers. There is a small two-story building inside the outpost.

The in-game map says "The sheer size of Medici's ever-expanding military spurred demand for storage and refueling facilities like Guardia Lacos II."


In the Lacos province, near a large naval base and on top of a hill/small mountain with a road leading to the entrance. There are many Wind Turbines along the road.



Seen around 10:15

JUST CAUSE 3 GAMEPLAY - (Just Cause 3 Free Roam Gameplay) 1080p 60fps29:21

JUST CAUSE 3 GAMEPLAY - (Just Cause 3 Free Roam Gameplay) 1080p 60fps

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