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Guardia Litore Torto III
Guardia Litore Torto III
Settlement in Medici
Type Military outpost
Region Insula Striate
Province Litore Torto
Coordinates N 40 50.970
E 5 45.140
Missions that take place here None

Guardia Litore Torto III is a military outpost in Just Cause 3.


A military outpost is one of the types of Military bases in Medici. It's a small outpost, protected by one SAM.

The in-game map description states: "Housing is cheap and easy to find in Medici, mostly thanks to outposts like Guardia Litore Torto III, which house the large percentage of young Medicians lured by endless propaganda to serve in General Di Ravello's army."


Northern part of the Litore Torto province, at Insula Striate.



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