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Guardia Massos I
Guardia Massos I
Settlement in Medici
Type Military outpost
Region Insula Dracon
Province Massos
Coordinates N 40 42.420
E 5 37.340
Missions that take place here None

Guardia Massos I is a military outpost in Just Cause 3


Guardia Massos I operates as a barracks to train new soldiers. This is evident from the description and buildings in the base, containing three destructible hangars. There is also a vehicle garage behind the hangars, containing randomized land vehicles. Also in the outpost are two other buildings, a single guard tower, 4 small destructible shelters and a few shipping containers.

The in-game Rebel drop description states "Housing is cheap and easy to find in Medici, mostly thanks to outposts like Guardia Massos I, which house the large percentage of young Medicians lured by endless propaganda to serve in General Di Ravello's army."


Half of the outpost is surrounded by cliffs, creating a great vantage point for sniping enemies, while the other half has a view of the sea and a road access. However, most of the view is obstructed by an island and a house overlooking the outpost. There is a Vintage Part on the island.



The garage spawns randomized land vehicles. There are also two spawn points which always spawn two Medici Military vehicles, even after liberation.