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Gunung Dataran Tinggi is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Gunung Dataran Tinggi

It's one of these two. Seen from Pekan Buaya Tidur.


The name means "Mountain Plateau" in Malaysian.

The mountain is very steep and has a total height of 1453 meters. It's one of the dominating landmarks on the southern side of Panau, together with all other mountains in the range. It rises very high above the flatlands below and that gives it a majestetic apperance when you get close to it.

Close to the peak you can find the radar facility Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi, where the opening mission of the game takes place. The base is divided into different parts, which are connected with two systems of cable cars, but only one of them works. The base also has a communications mast. The highest cliff on the mountain can be found just south of the base, with at least 800 meters down to the Pekan Buah Melimpah flatland.

The highest peak of this mountain (1453 m) is just north of the base. From there you have an amazing view over a large part of the islands. The highest peak in the area is Gunung Genting Tinggi, located to the north and rising to its total height of 1607 m.

Gunung Dataran Tinggi can seem higher than it actually is.


In the Berawan Besar Mountains. Coordinates for the base are X:15500; Y:9220.


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