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Gunung Jarandua
Just Cause 2 - Gunung Jarandua - civilian village 02
Settlement in Panau
Type Industrial settlement. Possibly a factory.
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:28180; Y:9560
Missions that take place here None

Gunung Jarandua is an industrial settlement in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Mount Jarandua" in Malaysian. It's a small industrial area, consisting of two main buildings, two or three smaller building and some other things. A small dirt road leads to the factory.

As many other obvious non-villages, the area is marked as a "civilian village", because that's the default settlement type in Just Cause 2.

Its purpose is not known. Like many of the industries in the area, it was established around the Emas Hitam Oil Refinery.



In Pelaut Archipelago, close to the M2 Highway, at X:28180; Y:9560. Many other industrial facilities are located in the area.


Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Gunung Jarandua01:32

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Gunung Jarandua


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