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Hamaya GSY650
Hamaya GSY650
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Motorcycle
Weapons None
Rarity Panau Military - Very common
Others - Missions only
List of owners Panau Military
Ular Boys
Japanese Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 60
Acceleration 55
Armour 45
Handling 55

The Hamaya GSY650 is a military motorcycle in Just Cause 2.


It's a rugged military motorcycle, with saddle bags and appears to be related to the civilian Hamaya Y250S. The main differences are different wheels and the saddle bags. Most players confuse this bike with the Hamaya 1300 Elite Cruiser because of the saddle bags.

It normally spawns in desert, snow or jungle camouflage. In 'Ups and Downs' a Reapers red one spawns.


Being a military vehicle, it's relatively tough. However, if driven off of a moderately sized cliff, the bike will smoke or worse, it will explode. Hitting small vehicles like a Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw won't do much damage and is survivable. Most larger vehicles can easily ram this vehicle off the road. A very obtuse vehicle like the Kenwall Heavy Rescue, or Fengding EC14FD2, could flatten this bike and anyone riding it.

The handling is pretty decent, but might have trouble whizzing through tight spaces. One can easily stay in control when evading pursuers. Like the Hamaya Y250S, it has a wide turning radius and won't do well in tight spaces, like Panau City and both have the same engine noise.

During chases in Panau City, where the military often employ the GSY250s, they get wrecked very easily at higher speeds. They also seem to be incredibly fast when used by the Panauan Military, more so than when Rico drives it. Speed doesn't become a problem until you start being chased by more military, so be careful when you use this vehicle. It goes fast but doesn't have enough speed to get away from pursuers at higher heat levels.

The Panauan Military AI with this vehicle is quite less than perfect, for sometimes, because of their small size, they will easily ram into larger vehicles, exploding on impact and killing the soldier. Other times, they will ram into other motorcycles, do several vertical 360s in the air and explode upon impact with the ground. If the occupant is lucky, he will get up and walk around (assuming you don't have heat).


  • It's used by the Panau Military, as a chase vehicle and it usually gets to the scene of the crime before the cars, because it's possibly the most common military vehicle at low levels of Heat. Typically they end up crashing into something.
  • In traffic all over Panau.
  • In settlements:
    • 2 at the Kastelo Singa military base, next to one of the vent stations where the Bio Fuel Shaft is. Another is located near one of the groups of three vertical standing fuel depots.
    • At the Kem Kuala Utara military base (this version makes the aiming box green).
    • At the Kampung Kala Merah military base.
  • In missions:


  • It's made by the fictional company Hamaya, which is a anagram of the real-world company Yamaha.
  • Other than faction sidemissions, there is only one place where this vehicle spawns green-marked.
    • However, there is only one sidemission where it is red-marked.
  • The Just Cause counterpart to this vehicle is the Apache Army Model 842 and the Just Cause 3 successor is the Pavouk U-15.

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