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Hedge Wildchild
Hedge Wildchild
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Armed off-road car
Weapons Basic: Dual machine guns
Fully upgraded: + Rocket launcher
Rarity Can only be purchased from the Black Market
List of owners The Agency
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 70
Acceleration 60
Armour 65
Handling 70

The Hedge Wildchild is an armed off-road car in Just Cause 2.


It's a "pick-up" style off-road car, with an automatic machine gun and rocket turret behind the cab. The rocket launcher is added to the turret once the vehicle is upgraded to 6 stars.

This vehicle isn't based on any real vehicle, but it resembles both a Bertone Pickster and a Mitsubishi L-200.

The style of vehicle is possibly based off the Local Motors Rally Fighter, and the rear wing resembles that of a Lamborghini Murchielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.

It can only be seen in black.


Agency vehicles on Agency Stockpile Island
It has a high top speed and it can also go off road. It can be effectively used to get rid of Heat and out-drive the military. While it may be a pick-up truck, it's an Agency vehicle with awesome handling in terms of grip, you hardly ever lose grip, however, it has a very wide turning circle so don't use it if you think you may be doing some very tight turns.

This vehicle is a good choice for pursuit missions, it can survive massive falls, crashes and gunfire without getting too damaged,making it one of the greatest off road vehicles in the game. If you are having trouble with an off-road race, then order this car from the black market and you shouldn't have any more problems with either the race or the traffic. Also, this is one of the best cars for using both on-road and off-road (a combination of the two.)

While it is not as blazingly fast on-road as the Poloma Renegade (another car-like truck available with machine guns and a rocket launcher that costs $50,000), the Wildchild is much better off-road and has better armor.

With some skill, it can easily beat a V series armoured vehicle. (GV-104 Razorback, SV-1003 Raider, SV-1007 Stonewall)

It's useful for attacking gas stations and small military facilities, lke Communications Outposts.

It is an excellent off-road vehicle.



  • The Just Cause (1) predecessor of this vehicle is the GP Thunder Extreme Prototype, which has hidden weapons that can only shoot to the front of the vehicle.
  • It has a striking resemblance to the Warthog in the Halo series. There is even a modification which edits the appearance to make said vehicle. That mod can be found here .
  • There are many things that use the words "Wild child", but its not known if it is referencing anything. Wildchild on Wikipedia.


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