This article is about helicopters in Just Cause (1).


There is one civilian helicopter and 7 different military helicopters. There's even a strange autogyro that looks more like a rotor kite.


Helicopter Description
Delta 5H4 Boxhead Light attack helicopter. Most versatile attack helicopter in the game. Armed with dual machine guns and missiles.
Delta MAH-15 Chimaera Heavy attack helicopter. Not very versatile, but definitely preferred over the Hammerbolt. Has a lot of armor. Armed with a minigun that is really a fancy looking machine gun and quad-missiles.
HH-22 Savior Very common government helicopter. Can be seen all throughout San Esperito in government stable and unstable provinces. Armed with a machine gun.
Huerta PA51 Aztek Patrol helicopter. Armed with dual machine guns.
Jackson JC - 2 Alamo Very large government helicopter that is seen not so often. Armed with a machine gun.
Jackson Z-19 Skreemer Medium attack helicopter. Just as versatile as the Boxhead. Armed with dual machine guns and much deadlier missiles.
Mullen H45 Dragonfly Civilian helicopter. The Montano Cartel also owns this helicopter.
Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt Heavy attack helicopter but is not very versatile. Has a lot of armor. Armed with dual machine guns and quad-missiles.
Whiptail Gyrocopter Very versatile autogyro employed by The Agency. Probably the most versatile helicopter in the game.