This page contains only Just Cause 2 helicopters. For other helicopters, see helicopters (disambiguation).

Helicopters are a method of transport around Panau and as a result are very common. Helicopters are much better at taking out military targets and offshore rigs than jets, but SAM sites can shoot them down quickly, unless the user is a skilled pilot.
Sivirkin 15 Havoc

A Sivirkin 15 Havoc.

Military HelicoptersEdit

Military helicopters are not always as agile as they should be, but are extremely common. They are found at almost every base. They also have numerous different liveries based on where they came from. They show up anywhere, as soon as you get enough heat. Military helicopters are armed with miniguns and rockets with the exception of the H-62 Quapaw and the Mullen Skeeter Eagle, which aren't armed at all.

They include:

Helicopter Description
UH-10 Chippewa Most common and best handling attack helicopter. Available with and without missiles.
Sivirkin 15 Havoc Slow and usually poorly armed attack helicopter. Always one minigun and rarely also missiles. But when fully upgraded in the Black Market, is the most efficient helicopter in the game.
AH-33 Topachula Heavy and slow, but well armed attack helicopter. Carries more weight than Chippewa or Eagle.
H-62 Quapaw Passenger/transport helicopter.
Mullen Skeeter Eagle Most of these are civilian helicopters, but there's some that make the aiming box red. Always unarmed. These are the ones that spawn at Military Airports.

Civilian HelicoptersEdit

Also quite common, many can be found in the Financial district. They are also fast (and some even faster), but lack any weapons (other than the Rowlinson K22 when, upgraded to maximum level with vehicle parts gets Machine Guns) and are more fragile then the military helicopters. The military doesn't pay attention to them, as they are civilian helicopters and not obviously-stolen military helicopters.

They include:

  • Rowlinson K22 - At first they're unarmed, but when the player upgrades the Agency version in the PDA, they'll get machine guns. However they will still be civilian helicopters.
  • Mullen Skeeter Eagle.
  • Mullen Skeeter Hawk - Most of these are civilian helicopters, but there's some that make the aiming box red. These variants are commonly found in Panau City.


  • There are Modifications for the PC version of the game, that add weapons to many otherwise unarmed vehicles, including a few helicopters.
  • So far the Quapaw is the only military helicopter that doesn't have onboard weapons, but the Agency version also doesn't exactly exist as such.

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