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This article is about modifying Just Cause 2.

Getting startedEdit

Modding the DLC isn't much harder than normal modding, however in order to use this you will also need:

If the below steps nolonger work due to software updates, or something, let us know on the talk page, or add better instructions yourself.

Step 1Edit

Choose the DLC you want to mod in this example I will use the Chaos Parachute. The parachute is contained within the Just Cause 2/dlc folder under the name pc_140, open this file with the Gibbed ArchiveViewer then hit Save All and save the files in a folder of your choice.

Step 2Edit

We want to change the texture for the parachute to something more our style. So in order to change it you must drag the 14_parachute_location.blz file onto the Gibbed smallunpacker. This will extract it revealing the which is the texture we want to change. Open the image in photoshop and change it into something you like more and then save it with the nvidia dds plugin as a DXT5 (ensure the image has been flattened first and contains only one layer). Then delete the old 14_parachute_location.blz and make a new one by dragging the 14_parachute_location folder onto the Gibbed smallPacker. Change the file extension on the file that was created by renaming from .sarc to .blz.

Step 3Edit

If you haven't already create a dropzone folder in the main Just Cause 2 directory inside that create a folder called dlc, and inside that create a folder called pack_"number of dlc" eg "pack_14". Inside that folder place all the files that were extracted from the pc_140.arc eg mod.heavydrop.parachute03.eez , , 14_dlcinfo.bin as well as the new 14_parachute_location.blz you created.

The full path should look something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 2\dropzone\dlc\pack_14

Step 4Edit

Run Just Cause 2 but before closing the game copy the two newly created separate_files.arc and and copy them into the Just Cause 2\dlc\ directory replacing the pc_140.arc and .tab.

Step 5Edit

Close the game and start it up again and test the new content, you should get something like this:

Chaos parachute modded with smiley face

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