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This article is a manual for Modifying the vehicles in Just Cause 2.

Override the .eez filesEdit

For some reason .EE files are included along with .EEZ files. Just Cause 2 will always check for an .eez file first. Since every object has an .EEZ file, you need to override the .EEZ file. .EEZ files do not have to be compressed for the game to read them.

How to unpack and packEdit

Step 1. Open Gibbed's Archive Viewer, then click "Open" and find your Just Cause 2 archives_win32 folder. You can find this by going into C:/Program Files 86x/Steam/steamapps/common/Just Cause 2/.

Step 2. Find the vehicle you want. It is usually under exported -> vehicles. Arve folder contains air vehicles.. Lave contains land vehicles.. and Seve contains sea vehicles. You can find these in PC0 or PC1 arcs.

Step 3. Save the selected vehicle to your modding folder (wherever you want). As far as I know, you can save the .EE or the .EEZ file and get the same results when modded.

Step 4. Run the .EE or .EEZ through Gibbed's Small UnPack tool. This will create a folder of the contents of that .EEZ folder. You will find collision files (.COL (?)), model files (RBM), texture files (.DDS) and vehicle doll files (.VDOLL (you can use these to change vehicle settings))

Step 5. When done changing files, use Gibbed's Small Pack tool. Drag the folder to the .exe. It will then create a .EEZ file. Change the extension to .EEZ.

Step 6. Place into dropzone and enjoy!

How to edit texturesEdit

Assuming you know how to edit images, and have a program that can edit .dds files, (photoshop, gimp, see DirectDraw Surface)

Step 1. Unpack the vehicle file. (see above How-To)

Step 2. Look inside the folder created for any .dds file. the files are the ones for the "color" textures. The other ones appear to be inverted. It appears you have to edit them the same way you did the XXX_dif.DDS file.

Step 3. Once done, replace with the original (overwrite) and then run the folder through small pack.

Step 4. Change the extension from .sarc to .eez and put it in your dropzone. It should work!


The "Dropzone" is a folder that you have to make yourself. You'll have to put it into: Steam > SteamApps > common > Just Cause 2.

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