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Huerta is a vehicle manufacturing company in Just Cause (1).


Vehicle name Type Used by Locations Picture
Huerta Mesa SUV San Esperito Police Department
San Esperito Military
SEPD - Common during heat
SEM - Spawns during high heat (not very common)
Huerta Mesa
Huerta PA51 Aztek. Helicopter San Esperito Police Department
San Esperito Military
Montano Cartel
Black Hand
The Agency
SEPD - Common during high heat
SEM - Only seen in two missions
Montano Cartel - Only spawns at cartel house liberations in the middle of the game
Black Hand - Common at village liberations late-game
The Agency - Only provided for one mission
Huerta PA51 Aztek
Huerta SPA Ocelot Plane Civilians
San Esperito Military
Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación
Civilians - Common
SEM - Spawns at two villages
Guerrillas - Spawns at a village