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Hurst Dagger
Hurst Dagger
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Muscle car
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians

The Hurst Dagger is a car in Just Cause (1).


It's a typical American muscle car that resembles a first generation (1967–1970) Mercury Cougar, with the front corners resembling a Mercury Montego. It has a vinyl roof, a go-faster stripe, a hood scoop and a rear spoiler. If you look at the tires they say AVALANCHE referring to Avalanche Studios.

Hurst is a reference to the Hurst Performance car tuning firm, famous for having improved the performance of many 1960s muscle cars. It is also noticed that when the car is hit, sometimes the civilian in the vehicle will say "Oh no! Not my new Cougar!" As a reference to the fact that the car is based off of the Mercury Cougar.

It's made by the fictional Hurst company.


It's pretty quick and has rear wheel drive. It's considered to be a Sports car.

The Hurst Dagger is the fourth fastest car in the game, after Rossi 866 Corral; Garret Paladin and Chevalier Supernova.


  • In traffic, all over San Esperito.
  • Is provided for some Races.
  • One appears in a side-mission for the Guerrillas as the vehicle for someone that needs to be eliminated for José Caramicas.