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Inmaculada Palmiera
Inmaculada in Field of Dreams
In the mission Field of Dreams.
Character in Just Cause
First appearance The San Esperito Connection
Faction Rioja Cartel
Job High-ranking cartel gangster
Last known status Live and well

Inmaculada Palmiera is a character in Just Cause (1).

Personal historyEdit

She's the wife of the boss of the Rioja Cartel. In the mission Field of Dreams, it's implied that the marriage isn't going very well.


She is first introduced in the mission The San Esperito Connection. She gives Rico his job in the mission Field of Dreams and she's seen again in the mission Dismissed Without Honors, where she accompanies Rico in storming the prison in Esperito City.


  • Her name is of Spanish origin and means "without stain". This refers to the "Inmaculate Conception", the catholic doctrine that the Virgin Mary, from the moment of her conception, was free of the supposed "original sin" that allegedly "tainted" mankind.
  • The only time she is an actual NPC is in Dismissed Without Honors, when she carries either a Moretti CCW Praetorian, or Moretti CCW Centurion and later during the mission she mans a Mounted Gun when you get in a Black Hand MV. Other than that, she is only seen in cutscenes in storyline missions.
  • Strangely, the "internet movie database" wrongly lists her name as "Imaculada Retinaldo". The correct full name is revealed in-game in the PDA mission info during the mission The San Esperito Connection.
  • Her voice actor was Marisol Ramirez.