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Insula Striate is a region in Just Cause 3.
Di Ravellos castle near a city at Insula Striate

The main city and Di Ravello's palace.


According to the Just Cause 3 site:

"The Insula Striate region is the largest but also the most dangerous one. As the home of not only Di Ravello's luxurious mansion but also of many mines rich in Bavarium, the miraculous ore that is key to the General's plans for world domination, this region is heavily guarded. With 24/7 surveillance, no one is able to get in and out unnoticed.
The region is dominated by the highest mountain in the whole of Medici. Not many people make it to its peak but those who do find the experience more than rewarding."

There is a wall which separates the region. The wall is guarded by the Medici Military, but the player will not receive heat for crossing it. Until the northern provinces are Liberated, the only vehicles driving on the northern roads are military vehicles. The only used settlements beyond the wall are military bases. There's also a lot of ruins of burned towns and a few abandoned industrial facilities. What exactly happened is unknown, but the historical event is known as The burning of the north.

The south-east corner of the island has a system of underwater tunnels.

History and cultureEdit

The region has many historic settlements.

Citate Di Ravello used to be a small fishing village until it was refurbished to become the capital of Medici. There are numerous ancient structures located north of the region, beyond the wall.


This region covers the largest island of Medici.



  • The region was announced on the Just Cause website.


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