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Jose Durango
Jose Durango
In the background.
Character in Just Cause
First appearance Some Like it Hotter
Faction San Esperito Military
Job General
Last known status Dead

Jose Durango is a general in Just Cause (1).


He's a very important member of the San Esperito Military and is mentioned to be Mendoza's fixer.

He appears in the mission Some Like it Hotter, when he's seen at the El Volcan whorehouse, which he supposedly visits every night, to "relax". This, predicability, is taken advantage of by Rico, who kills him.

Quote from the game manual:

"General Jose Durango has criticised the young people of San Esperito for not taking control of their lives. Their presence on the streets and beaches is largely down to a lack of alternatives. "I would attempt to identify some of the fundamental problems faced by young people today and suggest possible solutions to these problems". He went on to say, "Perhaps the most fundamental problem faced by young people today is unemployment. I believe that young people need role models, discipline and morals instilled into them. The kind you get through military training."


  • There's a province with his name (Durango), but it's unknown if it was named after him.
  • The game manual has a picture, labeled as "General Jose Durango", but the guy in the picture is actually the boss of the Rioja Cartel.
  • His apparent decoy certainly is very convincing, with two Wallys GP jeeps with Mounted Guns and him being in a special version of the Fusilier Commander.