Just Cause 2: Music To Blow Shit Up By
Just Cause 2 Soundtrack
Developer(s) Avalanche Studios
Publisher(s) Square Enix Ltd.
Release Date(s) 22 October 2010
Genre(s) Video Game Soundtrack
Media Digital download
Input Methods Speakers, or headset

Just Cause 2: Music To Blow S**t Up By is the official soundtrack of Just Cause 2.


It features music composed by Mats Lundgren and additional music by Anders Ehlin. It was released for free via the game's official website.


  1. Just Cause 2 Theme (0:32).
  2. Title Screen (1:12).
  3. Mile High Club (2:22).
  4. Tom Sheldon's Theme (1:17)
  5. Panau National Anthem (0:50).
  6. Ice Cream Truck Jingle (0:06).
  7. Espionage (0:57).
  8. Stealth (3:22).
  9. Propaganda Theme (0:11).
  10. End Credits (3:52).
  11. Pimped Ice Cream Truck Theme (0:17).

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