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This article lists the programs, used for Modifying the Just Cause 2.

This article is probably out of date.

Tools by GibbedEdit

The latest revision of Gibbed's tools is r171. The binaries can be found here and the source code can be found here.

  • ArchiveViewer - An archive viewer that allows viewing & extracting of .arc/.tab files used by the Avalanche Engine.
  • SmallPack - Packs a directory of files into a small archive.
  • SmallUnpack - Unpacks files into a directory from a small archive.
  • bin2xml - Converts .bin files to an .xml format.
  • xml2bin - Converts .xml files back to the .bin format.

JustARCreloaded by CJayEdit

Just ARC Reloaded is a Just Cause 2 Archive Viewer created by CJay. The latest release is always available here.


  • Previews DDS and text files.
  • Decompresses files on the fly.
  • Extracts DDS files to nearly every common format.
  • Opens files with associated program.

Mod Combiner by FINDarksideEdit

As of the summer of 2014, there's a new mod that automates the bin file merging. This makes the task a lot faster and easier and eliminates minor errors that people occasionally make. Mod Combiner can be downloaded from here (external link).

Bin Editor by FINDarksideEdit

Makes editing bin files easier. Includes all bin files, automatically converts them to xml and back to bin.

Also contains small dictionary which explains some of the IDs, and you can make your own entries to the dictionary, and if you like to, your dictionary entries will be included in the next version and you will get in the credits.

JC2 Bin Editor can be downloaded from here.

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