This page lists tasks and pages that need editors on this wiki. It can be useful for everyone, especially for new contributors.

Section / page / subject Things that should be done Difficulty Priority (1/10)
1 is most important.
Almost all articles. See this page for a list of exceptions. They need to be evaluated for a quality level and the right level template has to be added. More details in the Just Cause Wiki:Article quality levels article. Requires a good grasp of the English language and lots of reading. 2
Articles with a quality level lower than 4. Any improvements are welcome. Easy. 3
Articles with faulty sections (if any at the moment). Articles end up there for having a problem with a specific section. The problem may be that the section needs expansion, or that it may need to have its spelling and/or sentence structure corrected. Easy to medium, depending on the specific section. 3
Getting more affiliates for the wiki. If you are an admin for a wiki and want to be partnered with us, talk to the Admins first, if you not are one of them yourself. Note: Only a few of the ones listed in the linked page are currently active and they may not accept all affiliation requests, but most will probably be accepted. If you want a wiki you know to be affiliated with this one, but you are not an admin or a user of extra importance on that wiki, speaking with the admins here is even more important. Varied, depending on your user status here and the other wiki you want to partner with this wiki. 8
Add more videos to Race Videos You could also add the video to the location page at which the race starts (if any). Medium. You might be able to find a video from youtube for a race, if not then you will need to complete the race and record it (races are of varying difficulty). 9
Add categories to images Nearly all images are uncategorized. The default Category:Images has a few wiki default picture categories, but if we want this to actually be useful, we'd have to completely rethink and remake those. This would have to start with a discussion at a forum, or some talk page, so we'd agree on what specifically to do. 10
JC1 vehicle and weapon articles Add a specific mission number anywhere where a sidemission is mentioned. The sidemission numbers are at Types of missions in Just Cause. Difficult and time consuming, because this requires the editor to be very familiar with what those missions feature. 7
Updates for JC3 Sabotage destructible objects in different games have the same name, but function differently. There's 2 ways to do this. Both options have been implemented for multiple different articles already.
  • One option is to make articles longer with different levels of headings, so every game is represented in the same article.
  • Another way (example water towers) is to turn the article Water Towers into a disambiguation and split all content between "Water towers in San Esperito", "Water towers in Panau" and "Water towers in Medici". This option is more future proof, in case there will be a JC4.
Only admins should rename articles. 2

Edit this list...
If you as an anonymous contributor find more things that need to be done/fixed, post them on this article's talk page, or just create an account in order to add tasks.

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