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Game Release year
Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One PS2 PS3 PS4 Windows XP Windows Vista, 7 and 8 Windows 10
Just Cause Demo 2006 Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes (tech preview)
Just Cause 2006 Yes Yes No Yes Yes* No Yes Yes Yes (tech preview)
Just Cause 2 Demo 2010 No Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes (tech preview)
Just Cause 2 2010 No Yes Yes* No Yes No No Yes Yes (tech preview)
Just Cause 3 2015 No No Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
Just Cause 4 Not yet announced No No ? No No ? No ? Yes

Just Cause Demo and Just Cause 2 Demo are both free to download!

Those console items above that are marked with the * are available on that console due to backwards compatibility. PC items are not marked that way.

  • Just Cause (1) has not been officially released for PS3, but the PS3 is reported to have an emulator that allows PS2 JC to run.
  • The PS4 will have very limited PS2 backwards compatibility in the near future for a select few games that will be specifically remade and sold as downloads, or something. Source.
  • The Xbox 360 Just Cause 2 can be played on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

Just CauseEdit

Just Cause 2Edit

Just Cause 3Edit

Just Cause: Scorpion RisingEdit

Main article: Just Cause movie.

A planed movie, inspired by this game series.

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Just Cause series at TvTropes

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