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Kampung Dataran Nipah
Kampung Dataran Nipah
Settlement in Panau
Type Desert village
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:6490; Y:19900
Missions that take place here None

Kampung Dataran Nipah is a village in Just Cause 2.


The settlement is pretty much a usual desert village in the larger size. It consists of at least 20 ancient sandstone houses. The special buildings are a large Gas Station; a bell tower and oddly, two Water Towers. There's also a Propaganda Trailer in the village.

The name means "Nipah Square Village" in Malaysian.


In the most north-west part of the Lautan Lama Desert, south-west of Kem Komander Sutherland. It's located on a high plateau. Panau City is visible from here.



  • Chepachet PVD, at a Checkpoint.
  • Random civilian vehicles.
    • At parking spaces that spawn a different vehicle each time.
    • In traffic.



Just Cause 2 - Kampung Dataran Nipah - civilian village04:11

Just Cause 2 - Kampung Dataran Nipah - civilian village

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