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Kampung Langit Berasap
Kampung Langit Berasap
Settlement in Panau
Type Industrial settlement. Possibly a factory.
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:26770; Y:6695.
Missions that take place here None

Kampung Langit Berasap is an industrial facility in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Smoky Sky Village" in Malaysian and Indonesian, which fits the location well.

It's actually not a village, but some sort of Chemical, Petroleum Refinery, or similar facility or factory. Civilian workers can be seen there. It's one of the largest industrial settlements in the area, right after the Emas Hitam Oil Refinery, Pekan Hutan Buluh and Bandar Lombong Besi. 2 Oil Cisterns can be found in the northern part of the settlement.

The settlement is directly cut apart by the M2 Highway and oil pipelines go over the highway between the different buildings.

An electrical substation can be found at the nothern part of the settlement. A Panau Military checkpoint can be found in the southern part.



Both at the military checkpoint.


In Pelaut Archipelago, at the M2 Highway, at X:26770; Y:6695.


Just Cause 2 - Kampung Langit Berasap - civilian village03:52

Just Cause 2 - Kampung Langit Berasap - civilian village


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