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Kem Gereja Merah
Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Kem Gereja Merah 05
Settlement in Panau
Type Military base
Territory Selatan Archipelago
Coordinates X:30200; Y:27750.
Missions that take place here None

Kem Gereja Merah is a military base in Just Cause 2.


It's a relatively small base, connected by road to the Kem Kuala Utara port. The base is cut in half by a steep ravine that can be crossed by a bridge. There are no concrete structures at the base.

For some reason civilian vehicles are spawning on the bridge and stop after driving off the bridge, so the bridge will quickly become full of cars if you stand at the right distance from it. Sometimes the cars don't stop and try to turn around and get back on the bridge. When this happens, they fail and fall down the ravine cliffs.


The base is between a large mountain and a river. The river side is a steep cliff and the mountain is also very steep. The immediate vicinity of the base is covered by a jungle.

The base can only be accessed by these three ways:

  • The road, connecting the base to the Kem Kuala Utara port. The road is at the north-west corner of the base.
  • Helicopters.
  • Through the jungle on the south-west side of the base. The ground here is too uneven for anything less than a good off-road vehicle.



All vehicles at this base make the aiming box green. This means that the Panau Military won't shoot at you for driving them, unless you get heat for something else.

  • 2 x Forest camouflage Chepachet PVD. Both have a mounted turret.
  • 1 x Desert camouflage Fengding EC14FD2.
  • 1 x Forest camouflage Sivirkin 15 Havoc. Note that when you enter it, the SAMs at Kem Kuala Utara port will start launching immediately, but they're too far away. Of course, this is assuming you have heat. This spawns without rocket pods, even when fully upgraded in the Black Market.
  • Several civilian vehicles pass through this camp for some reason.

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