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Kem Gunung Gurun
Kem Gunung Gurun
Settlement in Panau
Type Military supply depot / faction stronghold
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:5680; Y:27450
Missions that take place here A Second Amendment

Kem Gunung Gurun is a military supply depot and Reapers faction stronghold in Just Cause 2.


The supply depot is shaped like a usual military base, but it appears to have a large inaccessible bunker built into the hillside, which has a huge entrance on the east part of the base. The entrance is visible on the map as a small white square.

The name means "Camp Desert Mountain" in Malay. This refers to Desert Peak - the mountain next to this facility.

Despite being within less than a 1 minute walk distance from its gameplay area, this base is not available in the Just Cause 2 Demo.


  • 2 x Fengding EC14FD2 in Panau Military livery, with desert camouflage. Two are in the base, one near the entrance.
  • 2 x Marten Storm III, spawning outside the entrance after the settlement has been liberated.
  • Despite the helicopter landing pads, no helicopters spawn there.
  • 2 x MV Quartermaster in desert Panau Military livery before location liberation.
  • 2 x SV-1003 Raider,
    • A desert version during the takeover.
    • A green version after the takeover.
  • 5 x Maddox FVA 45.
    • Four appear during the takeover.
    • One is always near the helicopter landing pads. Just like all other Maddoxes, it has Ular Boys badges. This one doesn't have a mounted gun, unlike the ones in the mission.


  • 5 Resource Items.
    • 2 Weapon Parts.
    • 1 Vehicle Part.
    • 1 Armor Part.
    • 1 Cash Stash.
  • 8 Fuel Depots.
  • 3 SAMs - Despite counting towards the total amount of SAMs destroyed, they will not count to completion of the settlement. They also attack enemy aircraft instead of yours, so it is not recommended to destroy them.
  • 3 Broadcast Towers.
  • 3 Generators.


This facility belongs to the Panau Military until the mission A Second Amendment, where Rico helps the Reapers to conquer it. From then on, this facility is a Reapers stronghold.


  • Even though the stronghold is a supply depot, no weapons spawn anywhere in the base. Realistically there would be some kind of weapon box lying around. Even Kem Hutan Supply Depot has weapon boxes for the Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher.
  • On that above note, there is no plausible reason as to why the military would leave a Maddox FVA 45 and SV-1003 Raider behind.



Just Cause 2- settlement completion-Kem Gunung Gurun Supply Depot

Just Cause 2- settlement completion-Kem Gunung Gurun Supply Depot