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Kem Port Rodrigo
Kem Port Rodrigo
Settlement in Panau
Type Military Port
Territory Senjakala Islands
Coordinates X:11700; Y:28135
Missions that take place here Be Quick or He be Dead

Kem Port Rodrigo is a military port in Just Cause 2.


An arm of the Rajang river runs through the harbor and splits it into two distinct sections. There's no bridge to cross the river. One side of the harbor has 2 Flak Cannons, whilst the other side has only Miniguns. The port is among the biggest in Panau. Be careful when attacking it with an aircraft, as several SAMs protect it.

After the completion of this settlement you will only get Heat for being near the entrance of settlement, but once inside, there is no heat given anywhere else. There is also a single soldier who mounts a gun. If the player attacks him, around four others will appear.



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