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Kem Sungai Cerah
Kem Sungai Cerah
Settlement in Panau
Type Military Base
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:6890; Y:21960
Missions that take place here None

Kem Sungai Cerah is a military base in Just Cause 2.


This is an army base with an emphasis on bio-fuel production. Strangely, no roads lead to the base and it contains no vehicles or aircraft (although there are 3 SAM launchers so attacking from the air is tricky). There are 2 empty helipads at the south-east corner of the base.

This is a relatively big base. The area with the shipping containers causes groups of about 10 soldiers to respawn.

The name means "Bright River Camp" in Malay. However, the name could allude to the fact that is was built on the pre-existing Bright River before the water in the Lautan Lama Desert dried up. After all, Lautan Lama means "Old Ocean."


It is located high up a mountain in a cut away area of land that resembles a small volcanic crater, meaning there are good sniping positions all around it.

The base is approximately 2.5 km south-east of the Pulau Dayang Terlena military airport. To the north-west of the base, at the bottom of the mountain, is the mansion of Colonel Romel Naivalurua, but he is part of the completion for for the village of Sungai Madu Leleh, not this base.



There are 2 helicopter landing pads at the south-east corner of the base, but no vehicles. However, this being a high mountain, it's easy to Parachute ones way to just about any nearby settlement from here.


Just Cause 2 - Kem Sungai Cerah - military base07:37

Just Cause 2 - Kem Sungai Cerah - military base


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