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Ken Pang
The White Tiger (Ken Pang discussion)
Being yelled at by Rico.
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance The White Tiger
Faction White tiger
Job Rebel and gambler
Last known status Unknown (probably live and in debt)

Ken Pang is a character in Just Cause 2.

Personal informationEdit

Ken Pang is a local gambling addict and spends most of his time at the illegal Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den, where he usually ends up in more debt then he can afford.


He's a member of the rebel gang "White tiger".

Pang is first seen in the Agency mission "The White Tiger".

The contact whom the Sloth Demon told Rico to meet, tells Rico that Pang is about to be executed at the Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den and that Pang could give Rico the whereabouts of the White Tiger (person).

Pang is about to be executed for not paying debts to the Gambler's Den Gambling Group and their leader is about to shoot him in the back, in the middle of the den, saying "Pang will die for his debts". Rico kills Pang's assassin and clears the den of all the group members. After you have rescued Pang, he leads you to where the "White tiger gang" should be - the broken ship in the desert (see Easter Eggs). He tells Rico how the White tiger (person), would often help him repay his debts because of his "White tiger (gang)" membership and the fact that the White Tiger (person) was nice. After realizing that the gang is not at the ship and that instead the Panau Military is there, Pang panics and tries to run away, saying that he has a price on his head. Rico tells Pang that he is not leaving until the White Tiger (person) is found, but after that cut-scene, Rico finishes the mission without seeing Pang and without Pang's help.

It is assumed that Pang left while Rico was fighting the military, or after Rico left for the Rajang Temple. Pang is not seen or heard from again.

Ken Pang

Just before the broken cargo ship. This is the last time you can see him.


  • He's the only White tiger rebel (other than Tom Sheldon), who's known by his name.
  • Sometimes Ken will stay behind a rock during a shootout in the bike sequence of the mission until the very last soldier is killed.
  • His executioner is the only known member of the Gambler's Den Gambling Group, who wears a fedora.
  • He is the only character model of his kind, meaning you cannot see him again, unless you mod the game.