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Kepulauan Selatan Lambda

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Kepulauan Selatan Lambda
Settlement in Panau
Type Communications Outpost
Geographical Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Influential Territory Senjakala Islands
Coordinates X:15720; Y:24355
Missions that take place here None

Kepulauan Selatan Lambda is a Communications Outpost in Just Cause 2.


This is a generic outpost, with the usual station, the wooden barrack building with a Medicine cabinet and a helicopter landing pad. The only less common item of interest is the Minigun on top of the Communications Station, and the AH-33 Topachula on the landing pad; there is usually a H-62 Quapaw on the outpost pads.




  • This outpost's name is, given its location, rather odd. It is located in the geographical district of Panau Tengah Bay and in the influential area of Senjakala Islands, but its name suggests that it is located in the Selatan Archipelago. The reason for this is unclear, but the influential district of Selatan Archipelago is located just a few kilometers east.
  • Part of the outpost's name comes from the greek letter Lambda (Λ λ).

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