Kota Kuala Delima
Panauan countryside
Settlement in Panau
Type Village
Territory East Tanah Raya
Coordinates X:27675; Y:13580.
Missions that take place here None

Kota Kuala Delima is a village in Just Cause 2.


The village is located on the bank of the Sawah river. The Mile High Club is visible from the location.

There are 2 small boat wrecks located in the village, each having a Resource Item in it. The settlement also contains one Drug Drop near the southern edge of the village, to the east of the river and to the west of the beached boat.

The buildings in the village are mostly one- or two-story slum shacks built next to the river. Small wooden cabins can be found in the upper parts on each side of the river, and several market pavilions can also be found there.

The name means "Pomegranate Rivermouth City" in Malaysian.
Small broken ship front (JC2)

There's a small broken ship at this village.


Completing the settlement will give you 500 Chaos points and 2500 dollars.

  • 1 Water Tower - West side of the river, along a dirt road.
  • 1 Transformer - Also on the west side of the river and to the west of the road that leads out of the village.
  • Resource Items. One is found behind a small boat wreck on the west side of the river.
    • 3 Weapon parts.
    • 3 Vehicle parts.
    • 1 Armor part.
    • 1 Cash stash.



Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Kota Kuala Delima02:51

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Kota Kuala Delima


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