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La Honradez
La Honradez (right)
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Super-yacht
Weapons None
Rarity One mission only
List of owners Police chief Velasco

The La Honradez is a super-yacht in Just Cause (1).


It's an approximately 100 m long luxury yacht. A yacht like this is called a super-yacht. Super-yachts cost several hundred million dollars. It's unknown how its owner, police chief Velasco, got that kind of money.

Special features:

  • Helicopter landing pad on the rear end.
  • 4 inflatable liferafts. 2 on either side.
  • A hot tub.
  • A bar.
  • 4 different radar antennas.
  • Stairs on the right side, leading to the water.
  • There's a Nova 9 (silenced SMG) on the stairs, close to the water.
  • The crew is made up of:


It can only be seen in the mission Good Cop, Bad Cop, where Rico has to assassinate the owner of the yacht - police chief Velasco. The yacht is parked in at Paradiso Bay and the front end is pointing south.


The performance is unknown, as this is one of the Stationary vehicles.


  • This is the only vehicle in Just Cause (1) that starts with the letter "L".
  • This is one of the few vehicles that can be seen in missions only.


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