Cities in Panau are the largest civilian settlements in Just Cause 2.
Bering I-86DP near Panau City

Panau City, the capital of Panau, with it's four districts. Clockway, strating from the top: "Park District"; "Financial District"; "Residential District" and "Docks District".


There are very few cities in Panau and all but the capital (Panau City) are fairly small. Some of them are located near each other, such as the cities in the western part of Pelaut Archipelago. There's a total of 8 cities in Panau.

List of cities, by locationEdit

Pekan Teluk Tengah

Pekan Teluk Tengah.

District Name Co-Ordinates Description
Lautan Lama Desert Kampung Nur Cahaya X:9355; Y:217745 A small city, with the usual desert houses.
Panau Tengah Bay Pekan Buah Melambak X:17430; Y:14760 A medium sized city, with many shops. Building are arranged in a grid style.
Pekan Teluk Tengah X:17070; Y:137890 Similar to the above, however it is not arranged like a grid and has more residential buildings.
Pelaut Archipelago Bandar Baru Nipah X:15885; Y:4290 Home to the PBC Tower, the tallest building in Panau. Contains mainly residential buildings. There are Rowlinson K22s on some of the roofs.
Kota Pantai Kuala X:16570; Y:3860 Medium City, near a causeway (road with sea on either side)
Pekan Lalang Liar X:15980; Y:3375 Simular to above
Ramai Rakyat Islands Panau City (Collective) X:3740; Y:15785 Capital city of Panau
Panau City - Docks District X:1070; Y:13565 The docks area of Panau City. Home to the Roaches Stronghold Pelabuhan Saudagar Harbor.
Panau City - Residential District X:3700; Y:15500 The residential area of Panau City
West Tanah Raya Panau City - Park District X:3715; Y:11530 The park district of Panau City. Contains many Panay Statues.
Panau City - Finantial District X:6075; Y:13335 The finantial district of Panau City. Contains the Burj Panau, Panau's seccond tallest tower.
Selatan Archipelago Pekan Kesuma X:21760; Y:30340 Small city, with a large market square. Simular to Pekan Buah Melambak and Pekan Teluk Tengah.