This is a list of ports, in Just Cause 2.
Pulau Kait

Pulau Kait in Pelaut Archipelago.

Info summaryEdit

There are 19 ports in total, around the coasts of Panau. They are all classified as Military Ports and entry is prohibited. The ports are either located beside the ocean or on a river. Even if all of them are classed as military, some or many of them are also used for a civilian purposes. Many of these must have existed before the time of Pandak "Baby" Panay.

Largest ports in Panau:

Oil HarborsEdit

Only a couple of ports have an oil harbor. All oil harbors have oil cisterns at the place. Panau imports medium amounts of oil from Brunei at these ports, except for the one at Pulau Berapi.

Name Rank Notes
Pelabuhan Saudagar Primary 7 Large Oil Cisterns.
Pulau Kait Primary 8 small oil cisterns.
Kuala Cengkih Primary Next to Pulau Kait.
Pulau Berapi Primary It's noteworthy that this is Panau's largest oil refinery, but most transports from and to here are going by pipelines. Boat transports are only done to Boat Gas Stations, or facilities next to the sea.
Port Kepulauan Pelaut Secondary A Container ship is stationed in the dock.
Kampung Padang Luas Secondary Very small port.

See Also: Panauan Oil

List of ports, by districtEdit

This list might be incomplete.

West Tanah RayaEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Kem Komodor Da Silva 8556 9288 Military port Medium

Pelaut ArchipelagoEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Pulau Kait 23474 5026 Civilian, military and oil harbor Large
Kuala Cengkih 23596 4365 Civilian, military and oil harbor Large
Pulau Berendam 25901 3434 Military port Medium
Port Kepulauan Pelaut 26152 4776 Civilian, military and oil harbor Medium
Kampung Padang Luas 27243 7720 Civilian, Oil harbor Small
Pulau Ketam Kecil 28085 11243 Military Medium

Ramai Rakyat IslandsEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Kem Helang Merah 13016 11465 Military port Medium
Kampung Ayer Lama 8568 18958 Actually a village N/A
Pelabuhan Saudagar 1510 13440 Civilian, military and oil harbor Large

East Tanah RayaEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Kampung Bunga Mawar 29956 19634 Military port Small

Lautan Lama DesertEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Port Gurun Lautan Lama 2813 22833 Military port Medium

Panau Tengah BayEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Port Kuala Besar 16126 12775 Military port Small
Pulau Berapi 14841 17309 Oil harbor and refinery The port section is small while the settlement is large.
Pasir Putih 12998 19235 Military port Medium

Senjakala IslandsEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Kem Port Pelangi 5824 29632 Military port Small
Kem Port Rodrigo 11739 28136 Military port Large

Selatan ArchipelagoEdit

Name X Y Purpose Size
Kem Pulau Kerbau 26613 27212 Military port Large
Kem Kuala Utara 30267 26987 Military port Medium

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