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The Setup (JC3) - Looch explains boat details
Under construction.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Armed high-performance boat
Weapons Missiles and miniguns
Rarity Unique
List of owners Rico
Top speed (km/h) ~260 to 315 (with nitros)
Top speed (mph) ~140 to 170 knots (with nitros)

The Loochador a.k.a. Rocket Boat is a vehicle in Just Cause 3. It's a part of the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC.


It's an armored jet-powered boat, armed with missiles and miniguns. Considering that it's mostly made up of angled flat panels, it might have been a stealth boat in its stock condition. The externally mounted weapons would substantially decrease its stealthiness.

Development historyEdit

It was built by the Black Hand and stolen from them by Rico and one of Annika's buddies during the mission The Setup. Originally it was an unarmed boat with no name in the HUD. During the mission, Tom Sheldon provided weapons and Looch upgraded and weaponized the boat.

Items added by Looch:

  • Two missile launchers on big frames that extend out of the walls.
  • Two miniguns on rotatable connectors on the front corners.
  • He said that he improved the boats agility, but it's unknown if the boat's handling actually changed. The mass of the weapons would counter anything he did.
  • Revolving radar antenna on the top. It's not known what it actually does, since the player does not see any radar data.
  • 4 handrails on the front.
  • 1 lifebuoy on the left side.

Looch proposed to name it "Rocket Boat", because the boat is armed with some, but Rico named it "Loochador" in reference to both Looch and Mexican wrestlers.


It is the fastest boat in the game. On rough seas it can get up to about 80 knots. On the longest lake and with the aid of nitrous Gear Mods, it can reach the highest average speed of about 140 knots. The largest number that it can reach for under a second at a time is just over 170 knots. Even lake water has some small waves, which limits speed by making the boat jump a little.

The boat can turn around nearly instantly, but turning that fast also stops it for a moment.

The weapons automatically lock onto enemy soldiers, vehicles and chaos objects (even Small Destructibles). The missiles turn pretty sharply, but they can not hit anything too close and they don't prioritize targets. The miniguns can be aimed manually and are more efficient against close targets.

The boat is very well armored and can take large amounts of small arms fire. It does not stand up to gunfire from the Corvette for long, but as long as the boat isn't stationary, there's no reason to worry about that.

The only drawback are the two rudders, which can easily get stuck behind various edges (like docks) that the boat could otherwise get over.


  • Has to be driven during the mission The Setup.
  • Has to be driven during the mission The Heist Begins.
  • At a dock at Grotta Contrabandero during special circumstances. It disappears from here if the game is reloaded, so this place works only once.
    • Just after the mission The Setup.
    • Right after the mission The Heist Begins.
  • Unlocks at Rebel drop after the mission The Setup.