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MTA Powerrun 77
MTA Powerrun 77
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Armed speedboat
Weapons Basic: Dual machine guns
Fully Upgraded: + Rocket launcher
Rarity Very rare, but available at the Black Market
List of owners Agency
Unknown people
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 85
Acceleration 80
Armour 25
Handling 75

The MTA Powerrun 77 is a boat in Just Cause 2.


It is the only purely water-based vehicle in the Black Market and the equivalent of the Bald Eagle Persuader from the original Just Cause.

At the last upgrade level it has a rocket launcher in addition to the machine guns. Unfortunately, the elevation of the weapons is limited to about only 15 degrees above horizon. However, the range is so great, that this is not a problem for most structures on the Offshore Gas Rigs in Panau. Only the drilling rig, the SAM installation and the generator are out of range.

The Powerrun seems to resemble your average American top-fuel drag boat, with its huge supercharged V8 engine, enclosed cockpit and sleek design.

As the new armed Agency speedboat, this is the successor to the Bald Eagle Persuader, albeit slower and with one less rocket pod.

No matter what colour the boat is, the rear will always be red, similar to the red stripes on the Rowlinson K22. It can only spawn in black in freedom but in various races and two Roaches missions it spawns in other colours (red and yellow).


The speed and handling of the Powerrun are nerve-wracking even when not fully upgraded. The armor at level 6 is good enough to withstand a collision with a boat, which would knock you up into the air, flipping and plunge down under the water, where the boat will still run and pull you back to the surface, as if nothing ever happened. It's still possible to flip the boat, so try not to crash. This boat can drive under water briefly if you stop too suddenly from maximum speed. After emerging from the water, the boat will usually leap through the air.

This boat is good for all kinds of water-based antics: Ramping over small sand-bars; performing flips; shooting boats and having fun just fooling around in the waters of Panau.

It can also be made into a (very temporary) submarine if you collide with a boat and survive, assuming you go under the water.


The ones that appear outside the Black Market are always at the same upgrade level as your Black Market version.

Unique VariantsEdit

  • Agency version.
  • The Roaches provide one in the mission Smugglers do Run, pictured at the gallery below. It's just like the Agency version, except it has yellow paint instead of black.
  • The Roaches also provide one in the mission Stop the Press. This one doesn't come with a rocket launcher, even if the player has the boat fully upgraded.
  • There are also a race version of the boat, which appears in the boat Races "Ramai Rakyat Island Run" and "Pulau Naga Powerboat Challenge". Picture in the gallery below. The coloration on the race variant is almost identical to that of the Frisco Catshark S-38, with a cream-colored hull and bright red top. The race variant actually has the same gradient from a color to red as the other different MTA Powerruns, but it is not as noticeable. This is because the gradient is from a slightly darker red to the bright red. These are the same level as your BM level, so if you upgrade your BM level to 6, they will have a rocket launcher along with machine guns.




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