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MV (Agnecy purple)
Unique cutscene version, seen in Devil's Drop Zone.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Military off-road car
Weapons Mounted Gun, some are unarmed.
Rarity Common
List of owners San Esperito Military
Black Hand
The Agency
San Esperito Police Department
Montano Cartel

The MV is a large military off-road car in Just Cause (1). The guerrilla PDA page calls it an "EMVEE Armadillo".

For any other MVs, see MV (company).


It's obviously based on the HMMWV. Unlike the HMMWV, which is available in many versions, the MV's rear end is only available as the "pickup" version. It's distinguished from the HMMWV mostly by its large mud guards / fenders and its large bumpers. It looks like it might be lightly armoured, but it's not really bullet-proof.


It's quite good off-road, but it's not fast enough to be recommended for those sidemissions where you have to catch a sports-car. It gains higher speed than most cars when driving down steep hills, possibly due to the heavy weight class of the vehicle.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Weapons Locations
Agency Black Mounted Gun pointing backwards.
  • Appears only in the first mission "Devil's Drop Zone". To get it, you need to push it inside the garage with another vehicle immediately after the mission ends. Be sure to find it on the dirt path and get on the turret. Failure to do so will make it disappear once you lose line of sight. Once in the garage it will become a fully useable vehicle and can be saved. In the PC version, the vehicle does not appear on the dirt path after the mission, and therefore cannot be obtained. This might disappoint quite a few PC gamers hoping to obtain this vehicle
Pattern of purple and black.
  • This one appears during the cut-scenes of the mission "Devil's Drop Zone". It differs from all other versions by having a higher suspension and different wheels. It can not be obtained.
Unmarked Pattern of different greens. None.
Mounted Gun pointing forward.
Mounted gun pointing backward.
  • In the mission "The San Esperito Connection", manned by Rioja Cartel soldiers. It is possible to drive and preserve it after killing Franco Alifano. This is the only time you will find such a vehicle.
Black Hand Black Mounted gun pointing forward.
San Esperito Military Pattern of differnt grays. Mounted gun pointing forward.
  • de los Bravos military camp.
  • La Perdida military base.
  • At a unmarked government site halfway down the hill from Rioja 4 "Eagles Nest" safehouse near to the supposed medical facility featured in the mission Love is in the Air. Can be found parked there at all times after the mission.
  • In traffic, in Government stable provinces.
  • Several sidemissions deal with an army MV. Some missions include one just as show for some defecting military personnel, and some include having to ... steal the keys from it and then bring them (the keys) to the Guerrilla contact at the military base, liberated or not.
Montano Cartel Purple Mounted Gun pointing forward.
  • Appears during a Guerilla sidemission. This one cannot be put into a garage. This one contains a "Montano Cartel interrogator" which is nothing more but a fatso wielding a ... Harker 357 Sawback. More realistically he would use a Moretti CCW Centurion, or even a Adler FF M-72.
San Esperito Police Department Dark gray, with big police symbols. None.
  • Appears in the mission Dismissed Without Honors, driven by Carmona. To obtain, grapple onto his vehicle, reel in, and then get in, kicking him out. Once he's out, the mission ends. After the game asks to save post-mission, look to your right, and it should be sitting there.
  • Another one appears in a Guerilla sidemission. But be warned, if you drive it, the Guerrillas will turn on you and use everything they've got on you, including their helicopters.



San Esperito Military versionEdit

Black Hand versionEdit

Guerrilla versionEdit

San Esperito Police Department versionEdit

Agency versionEdit

Unmarked and armed versionEdit

Montano Cartel versionEdit


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