This is a disambiguation for all things named MV in the Just Cause game series.

Description and historyEdit

It began in Just Cause with the iconic MV, which the guerrilla PDA page calls an "EMVEE Armadillo".

The MV is obviously based on the HMMWV, so this is a reference to how the HMMWV also has an abbreviation-name that is commonly spoken as "Humvee" for ease of pronunciation.

As of Just Cause 2, the iconic name MV became the name of several HMMWV-based vehicles (see listed below). This also lead players to believe that "MV" might be a company name.

Just Cause 3 broke tradition by naming its HMMWV-based vehicle the Urga Szturm 63A, where Urga is the name of the manufacturer. However confusingly, there is a motorcycle called MV402, which in itself seems to again refer to "MV" as a possible manufacturer, however the vehicle model has a Mugello logo on it, so that's only coincidental.

In pre-release promotional videos of Just Cause 4, it's possible to see a front-loader type industrial vehicle named "Armadillo Montacargas" with a badge saying "Armadillo 506" on the vehicle model itself. This confirms that "Armadillo" is the company that produced the MV and explains the secondary name "EMVEE Armadillo". As with previous games, there is again a vehicle that resembles an armored HMMWV, but it's not yet known what it will be called.

List of MV vehiclesEdit

Game Vehicle name Description
Just Cause MV Large off-road capable military car. It looks armored and some have Mounted Guns.
Just Cause 2 MV V880 Large off-road capable military car. Pick-up version.
MV Quartermaster Large off-road capable military car. Has a mounted gun turret.
MV Command Large off-road capable military car. Basic version with no doors and no roof.
Just Cause 3 MV402 Motorcycle.