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Maestrale is a province in Just Cause 3.
Maestrale province (map)


Maestrale is one of Medici's largest provinces in terms of land area. Located relatively high above sea level, Maestrale's landscape is very scarce and rugged. Almost entirely occupied by military facilities, Maestrale's population is very small, if not nonexistent.


Maestrale is a large province, covering a long stretch of Insula Striate's northwestern coast. Maestrale borders Rocca Blau, Prospere, Libeccio and Val de Mar.
'63 Autostraad Weltbus (off-roading)

'63 Autostraad Weltbus off-roading at Maestrale. The Vulture base is visible on the right and the Volcano Island in Medici is in the far center. The Unnamed industrial facility at N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400 is in the middle of the left edge.

Settlements and points of interestEdit


  • The name means "mistral" in Italian. A mistral is a type of strong wind which occurs across the Mediterranean.

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