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See the full size picture to read the details. The Burnout Paradise map is actually 26 square miles and should be slightly smaller than the Far Cry 2 map.

Common infoEdit

The Just Cause game series is known for having the largest maps for "sandbox"-type games. The playable area of JC1 is 1'025 km2 and JC2 is 1'035.55 km2. JC3 is about 45 by 45 kilometers, making it about 2'025 km2. In some promotional materials and interviews it's reported to be "the size of Panau" and in others "just over". Just Cause 4 will reportedly be the same size as JC1, however this could be a false report to surprise us later.

Just Cause games provide in-game maps (in the PDA), but the map in Just Cause does not provide info about settlement names and in some places it's difficult to distinguish a military base from a village. The main complaint is the lack of a player controlled map marker, which makes navigation difficult. The map in Just Cause 2 has more features, but there's no accurate way to set the map marker, causing all seemingly accurate co-ordinates to be inaccurate by about +/- 5 m. Just Cause 3 uses real world co-ordinates.

Just Cause - San EsperitoEdit

All maps of San Esperito on this wiki:

Just Cause 2 - PanauEdit

All maps of Panau on this wiki.

Map from the official Just Cause websiteEdit

Notable places in Panau
  1. Mile High Club
  2. Ski Resort
  3. Panau Falls Casino
  4. Panau International Airport
  5. Panau Capital City - Panau City
  6. Giant satellite dish - PAN MILSAT
  7. Cape Carnival rocket base.
  8. Karl Blaine's Residence
  9. Roaches HQ
  10. Reapers HQ
  11. Ular Boys HQ
  12. Snow Peak
  13. Desert Peak
  14. Tropical Peak
  15. (?) - Hot air balloon

Interactive mapEdit

Main article: Interactive Map of Panau.

Just Cause 3 - MediciEdit

Interactive mapEdit

Main article: Interactive Map of Medici.

Just Cause 4 - SolísEdit

Main article: Solís.

The map has been revealed to be 1024 km2.

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