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Medici Military
Imperator Bavarium Tank and Stria Cucciola (pre-release promotional screenshot)
Imperator Bavarium Tank, their most powerful land vehicle.
Faction in Just Cause 3
Goal, or purpose They are the official military of Medici
Ideology None (they follow orders from Medici government)
Leader General Sebastiano Di Ravello
Starting base, or HQ Falco Maxime: Centcom
Source of money Medici military budget

The Medici Military is an armed force in Just Cause 3.


The Medici Military (Medician language: "Fortias Armate Medicense" - "Medician Armed Forces") is the official military of Medici.

Their duties include national defense.

Their vehicles are marked with the flag of Medici (red white and green) and with 3 white stars.

Bases and facilitiesEdit

Main article: Military bases in Medici.

Like the San Esperito Military and Panau Military, they own a large number of bases all over the nation, but unlike the others, Medici military has built some bases under ground into large caves and some bases are built on top of high concrete and steel columns.

The Medici Military built intercontinental ballistic missiles at Cima Leon: Silo during the cold war.

The military also participates in the Medici Space Program, by conducting deep space research at Espia Bassa and Espia Alta.

Members and alliesEdit

There are many varied types of soldiers in the Medici Military.

Regular soldiers (male)Edit

They are the most common type of the Medici Military soldiers. They always wield the U-39 Plechovka assault rifle. They wear a sand colored uniform and a red beret with the Medici military insignia. While better trained than the D.R.M., they have the same aim and health as a normal militiamen. They sometimes use grenades. They also have a holster with a visible sidearm but that is never seen in use.

Regular soldiers (female)Edit

They are female hostile combatants in Just Cause 3, though they are rather rare. They wield the Prizrak U4 SMG. While rarely seen in Medici, they tend to spawn in the interiors of Air Base Hangars. They can be deadly in interior areas because of their high rate firing SMG.

Bike soldierEdit

They are soldiers who ride bikes to chase Rico. They are basically the same as regular soldiers, but they wear a helmet and goggles rather than a beret. They also wield the Prizrak U4 SMG.


Soldiers that have a hood and wield the USV 45 Sokol sniper rifle. When they aim at Rico, a red laser projects from their position to wherever they are aiming. They almost always found in guard towers or on elevated platforms. At close range, they switch to a U-55S Pozhar and try to back up. At some bases and outposts they fire from a CS Comet. Even when Rico is moving, it is possible that they can hit Rico which makes them dangerous. They drop their Sokol when killed, but their Pozhar is never dropped, even when using it.


They handle several types of military vehicles, but their appearance is different by each type of vehicle. Tank pilots have a helmet with goggle top of his helmet. Helicopter pilots have a helmet with a visor. Jet pilots have a helmet with a visor and oxygen mask and wearing a gray flight jacket different from the above two who wear regular sand color uniform. As seen in the gallery they have a U-55S Pozhar for self defense.


They are basically regular male soldiers with a bullet proof vest. They are armed with the more powerful CS Predator assault rifle. They can be sent to combat situation by airborne assault or land vehicles. They have more health and a little better aim then the regular soldiers. These use grenades more often and also have a sidearm in their holster but that is never used.


They are commandos with a helmet and the U-96 Kladivo shotgun. Their shotgun can stagger Rico if he is hit. Their tactic is to close the distance between them and you to achieve maximum damage.

Machine GunnerEdit

They are commandos with a helmet and the Urga Vdova 89 light machine gun. They move slower than other enemies but deal high amounts of damage in a short time due to the high damage of the Urga Vdova 89.

RPG soldierEdit

They wield the UVK 13 RPG and they aim at Rico with a green laser sight, similar to the sniper. Like the sniper, they can be found on guard towers or elevated platforms, but are much rarer. When Rico is close to them, they switch their weapon to the U-55S Pozhar pistol. Like snipers they try to back up sometimes even yelling at Rico to back up or stay back. Like snipers, they only drop their primary weapon.

Black HandEdit

Main article: Black Hand.

The Black Hand are international mercenaries, hired by either Di Ravello personally, or by the Medici Military. They assist the military. The Black Hand are commonly seen in Insula Striate, especially in Falco Maxime: Centcom where they replace nearly all of the soldiers.

See the JC3 section of the article for the weapons they utilize.


The officers in the Medici Military. In some of the military bases, one of them will show up to deal with Rico directly once he destroys many assets in that base. Killing him is required to liberate the base. When they show up, they tend to use higher-tier vehicles, like the Imperator Bavarium Tank or the Urga Mstitel, making them top-priority targets. When fighting on foot they wield the CS Predator like in the picture in the gallery down below.

One of these guys killed himself in the opening cut-scene of A Terrible Reaction. He was probably the commander of Vis Electra.


Note that in the military, ranks and jobs are not the same thing. Someone can be a captain (rank) and work as a base commander (job).

NPC uniform tags list:

  • Classe private.
  • Sargent
  • Commandante.
  • Classe tirators selectionate.


Drill SergeantEdit

  • Di Ravello mentions a drill sergeant Dushku in his collectable audio-diary.

Sergeant MajorEdit

Drill sergeant Dushku was promoted to this rank. Note that this is a type of major, not a type of sergeant.


Di Ravello was promoted to this on day 485 of his career.


Allies and enemiesEdit





  • CS Comet - Transport helicopter.
  • CS Navajo - Medium attack helicopter. It is equipped with 2 types of missiles, light ones and heavy ones.
  • Urga Hrom D - Large attack helicopter. It is equipped with miniguns and missiles.
  • Urga Mstitel - Modern attack helicopter with a Bavarium shield, allowing it to become immune for a few seconds before the shield needs recharging. The Mstitel also has vast amounts of armor, able to survive multiple hits from the Navajo's heavy missiles.
  • Urga Postolka - Small attack helicopter with a minigun on either side.
  • Urga Racek - Small unarmed helicopter able to land on water without sinking. It's purpose is likely reconnaissance, even though they are the slowest helicopter in the game.


  • CS7 Thunderhawk - Delta-wing fighter plane equipped with homing missiles.
  • U-7 Dravec - Larger two-engine fighter plane, equipped with bombs and regular missiles.
  • U41 Ptakojester - Large cargo plane that can carry up to 10 land vehicles.

Ground vehicles:



The Medici Military uses virtually all the two-handed weapons in the game (minus weapons added by DLC), but there are certain bases where the weapon can be seen (or used) only once. The only heavy handheld weapon the Medici Military uses is the UVK-13.

See alsoEdit


  • In a promotional screenshot, their helicopters are seen providing cover for the Medici Police Department. See more about that at Cut game content from Just Cause 3.
  • Interestingly, they do not respond to Rico in rebel vehicles. However, they will respond to a Rebellion member in a rebel vehicle. This is most likely because too many Just Cause 2 players complained about it.
  • A Roadside Event can sometimes spawn 2 dead Medici Military grunts and a commander along with 2 dead rebels. Considering the rank of Commandante is the highest rank in the Medici Military, it's odd as to why he has such few escorts. It is also odd that they are outside of military bases, which typically are the only appearances of them.
  • The Rebellion seems to have no problem utilizing captured vehicles from them. Examples can be seen at Alte Potentia and Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  • If you get close to some soldiers (so long as you aren't in a restricted area), they might say they have no problem working for the general but still dislike his methods and him.
  • Unlike San Esperito and Panau, the soldiers will never harm civilians in unstable towns, they only fight rebels. However, Medici has the D.R.M. for this task, as the civilians complain about D.R.M. oppression all the time while the town is still oppressed.


Infantry typesEdit


Ground VehiclesEdit


Fixed-Wing AircraftEdit

Naval watercraftEdit


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