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Meyer Compact T
Meyer Compact T
At an EL gas fuel station. The right door is missing from the hijacking.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Van
Weapons 3 have Mounted Guns.
Rarity Unarmed - Common.
Armed - Mission only.
List of owners Civilians
Un-named gang/faction

The Meyer Compact T is a small van in Just Cause (1).


It's a small old looking van, probably of a European origin. It looks very similar to the Reichsmobile Transport.

A similar real van was the Peugeot 4DA from 1952.


As long as you don't want to drive fast, it's not too bad.

Versions and locationsEdit

There's two versions of this.

  • The usual one spawns in traffic all over San Esperito.
  • Some gangsters have three armed ones in the mission Brothers in Arms. They have Mounted Guns in the cargo room. Obtaining one of these requires failing the mission. The player cannot use the mounted gun. However, if you bring this vehicle to some Liberation (Rioja or Guerilla) a NPC will use the mounted gun in the back.
    • You'll have to set Triggered Explosives near Esperanza; then run to the van while ignoring all enemy fire (lack of time to shoot) and then detonate the explosives and thereby fail the mission.
    • Another way to obtain this version is to go to Esperanza, then go straight up the road. One of these vehicles should be sitting there. Take it. Then drive back to Esperanza and kill her with explosives.


  • The name of this vehicle could be a reference to the Ford Model T.

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