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Mo Zuo Itik
Mo Zuo Itik
Character in Just Cause 2
Faction Panau Military
Job Colonel
Last known status Player's choice

Mo Zuo Itik is a character in Just Cause 2.

Quote from the PDAEdit

"Colonel Mo Zuo Itik is the head of the Panauan Military's elite training program. He is known to run a tight ship with endless and ruthless marches, drills and exercises. Those who fall behind are executed and left to be eaten by wild dogs. Even so, being sent to the Gunung Hutan Merah camp is considered an honour by most Panauan soldiers because here they truly train the best."


Mo Zuo Itik is located at the Gunung Hutan Merah military base at about X:7880; Y:18555.


  • "Those who fall behind are executed" might be a reference to the 1998 movie "Soldier", which contains a soldier training montage where slower runners were executed.
  • His last name, Itik, is Indonesian/Malay for duck.

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