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Monster Truck
Monster truck
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Recreational armed vehicle
Weapons Dual grenade launchers and a machine gun
Rarity DLC and Black Market only
List of owners Rico, if he buys one

The Monster Truck is a vehicle in Just Cause 2.

For the similar vehicle in Just Cause see The Vampire and for Just Cause 3 see Incendiario Monster Truck.


It's black with stylish yellow and red flames on the front. It has several front and rear lights and 8 exhaust pipes. The rear lights are identical to those of the Dalton N90 and the front of the truck seems to be based on a 1995 Ford F150.

It looks, sounds and handles similarly to real monster trucks.


It isn't very fast and it's fairly heavy. It turns well for its size, but like any large vehicle, it's not designed for speed or ease of turning, resulting in a large turn radius. However, its smooth suspension, large wheels and high cabin make it great for traveling off road. It can survive larger Stunt-jumps than any other vehicle and can even survive being driven off the Burj Panau, the tallest skyscraper in Panau City. However, hitting rocks at high speed can make the tires wobbly.

The vehicle has a weapon turret, similar to other Agency vehicles, but unusually the turret shoots Grenades in addition to machine guns. The problem is that unlike missiles, the grenades can not be used to eliminate a Roadblock before you get to it, because the grenades fly to relatively short distance. One good use for the grenades is to clear obstacles (like trees) while off-roading in a jungle. Or you could obliterate any Panau Military vehicles chasing you.

Its ability to float makes it one of the rare amphibious vehicles, but you can only use the momentum from land to move in the water, accelerating will not affect your speed while in the water. This feature is ideal for crossing narrow rivers. A good way to transport it across greater distances over water is to double-grapple it to a fast boat, like a Snakehead T20.


It's Downloadable content. After downloading, it becomes available at the Black Market for $75000.

The most recent known DLC cost is $1 USD, €1 EUR, or £0.75 GBP (when not on sale) at:


See also: Just Cause 2 Vehicle glitches.

  • When a floating Monster Truck is destroyed, the wheels fly off and the body of the monster truck still floats. This can be seen in one of the pictures below.


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