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Motorcycles are a type of vehicles in the Just Cause game series. You may have been looking for Category: Motorcycles. For other vehicles, see: Vehicles - disambiguation.
Victory Bellevue

Victory Bellevue, an average motorcycle in Just Cause.


Motorcycles are two wheeled motor-vehicles. Some are designed for off-roading and others for high speed on a road. They're the most common forms of transport in San Esperito and Panau, right after cars.


The the individual motorcycle articles for detailed lists of locations. The following list s only to give a general idea.

In Just Cause (1):

  • At the Agency 01 safehouse, after the first mission Devil's Drop Zone.
  • Heavy drop.
  • Wait until you see one in traffic.
  • One Rioja (or was it Guerrilla?) sidemissions is about making a deal with a biker gang. The gangsters appear to be usual civilians who spawn on 3 average motorcycles.
  • Another motorcycle spawns at the supposed medical facility featured in Love Is In The Air. It's at the lowest "bunker" entrance.

In Just Cause 2:

  • You'll be provided with a motorcycle for many faction missions.
  • In traffic.
  • From the Black Market.

Performance (JC1)Edit

The average motorcycles aren't very good compared to most cars and going backwards is very slow, because Rico has to move it back himself. Almost all motorcycles seem to have good acceleration and decent speeds, while handling can be arguable. For example, sometimes turning too sharply can make the motorcycle flip over.

About a half of them are mopeds while the rest are dirt bikes, choppers and sport bikes.

Performance (JC2)Edit

The motorcycles in Just Cause 2 are much more dangerous to drive, as it's possible to get killed in a high speed crash. The "camera" will tilt when you turn, which can make driving much more difficult, or easier, depending on your preference.


Main article: Hijacking.

In Just Cause 2 it's much easier to use the Stunt button to enter motorcycles. It acts the same as entering the motorcycle, but has a much larger radius in which you can press the button. This makes it quicker too.

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