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Mugello is a vehicle manufacturing company in Just Cause 3.

Their logo.

Mugello billboard at Citate Di Ravello

Mugello billboard at Citate Di Ravello.


They make Sports cars, boats and motorcycles. They are based on multiple sports car manufacturers. These include Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. Their logo is based on Jaguar's logo combined with Lamborghini's.


Mugello HQ at Citate Di Ravello

Mugello HQ at Citate Di Ravello.

The Mugello HQ is a building at Citate Di Ravello, just east of Di Ravello’s house. It's identified as the Mugello building by having a Mugello sign on it and a Mugello billboard in front of it. There's more randomly arranged Mugello billboards throughout the city and at a few other towns, but this is the only building that has a Mugello sign on it.

The building has people talking on balconies and a parking lot on its southern side. A single Rebellion soldier stands in front of the building after the city is liberated.

The parking lot contains:

A steep edge of the sidewalk makes leaving the parking lot very tricky for sports cars.

At night, nobody is there and the parking lot is empty.

List of productsEdit

Name Description
Pescespada SS Speed boat. The company logo is on the boat and the Rebel drop description mentions this vehicle as having been built by them.
Weaponized Pescespada SS a.k.a. Mugello Delphino GLF Armed speed boat.
Mugello Farina Duo F1 car.
Mugello Furia MS-316 Sport bike.
Mugello Quipozza F 1970s to 80s sports car.
Mugello Raffinati Vitesse 1960s sports car.
Mugello Vistosa Modern sports car.
Squalo X7 Speed boat. The company logo is on the boat and the Rebel drop description mentions this vehicle as having been built by them.
MV402 Superbike. The company logo is on the fuel tank.
Verdeleon 3 Supercar, Mugello logo seen on the side.


  • This company is likely based on the real-world companies Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, its name is taken from a racetrack in Italy. It could even be partly Pininfarina, since so far two of its vehicles are known to be based on cars designed by Pininfarina. The other vehicles designers aren't yet specified.
  • The Medician phrase used on the sign in Citate Di Ravello, "Seperar le homines de la garsons", translates into "Separate the men from the boys".
  • The Verdeleon 3 has a Mugello logo on it, proving that it's a Mugello product. The in-game description for that vehicle mentions that "only a handful of these were ever imported", which means that either Mugello is not a Medician company, or that their factories are located elsewhere. This theory is further supported by the fact that the Mugello Vistosa is called an Italian supercar in its description.