Niseco is a vehicle manufacturing company in Just Cause 2.


Niseco produces trucks. These trucks can be found all over Panau, commonly driven by Civilians.

"Niseco" is the name of a town in Hokkaido, Japan. This may be a hint that the fictional company is based there. Niseco sounds like a combination of Nissan and Iveco, both known makers of light trucks.

Realistically these trucks are all very small (for trucks), but (other than the Kenwall Heavy Rescue) they're the heaviest civilian trucks in Panau and handle as if they'd be heavily loaded. This could be explained the the fact that light trucks such as these are common all around south-east Asia, where Panau is located.


Vehicle Type
Niseco Coastal D22 Truck converted for passenger transport - Public Transportation in Panau.
Niseco Tusker D18 Truck with a closed cargo compartment that has a long window on either side.
Niseco Tusker G216 Garbage truck.
Niseco Tusker P246 Flatbed truck.

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