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Niseco Coastal D22
Niseco Coastal D22
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Improvised bus - converted from a truck
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians, Bolo Santosi
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 35
Acceleration 20
Armour 30
Handling 20

The Niseco Coastal D22 is a bus (converted from a truck), in Just Cause 2.


It is one of the many modes of public transport vehicles seen in Panau. It is, unlike the Dinggong duo of buses and the Vanderbildt LeisureLiner, a small truck converted into a bus with seats that face each other on the sides of the interior and a space for carrying luggage on the roof. Similarly to the Tuk Tuk Rickshaw, it carries advertisements for the Mile High Club and Chameleon Ice on the sides.

It can be seen in black, dark red, orange, dark blue, dark green and greyish white.
Bolo Santosi

Bolo Santosi uses this vehicle as at the beginnings of a lot of Reapers missions. She rides in the back, as a passenger.

It might be based on an Isuzu Elf or first generation Nissan Atlas. These kind of trucks are usually called Songthaew "Two Rows", in Thailand.

It's made by the fictional Niseco company.


The Niseco Coastal D22 is similar to the other three Niseco trucks in that it is extremely sluggish on acceleration and top speed (hills are bad for this thing) and has a tendency to spin out, if it's driven too fast, or the handbrake is pulled at speed. In most cases, the time it takes to opposite lock the truck's wheels means that you will end up on the side of the road, sideways, with a long, sluggish trek back to top speed and a horrible turning circle awaiting you, once you press the accelerator.


  • In traffic, mostly around (as the name would suggest) coastal and rural areas, in the jungle areas. Pekan Belalang village (X:14639, Y: 28458) could be a good location to find one.
  • It can also be seen in the Reaper faction missions, as it's what Bolo Santosi travels in, to give Rico the mission briefing.
  • Can also be seen rarely in the Financial District of Panau City.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of many vehicles affected by the vehicle discolouration glitch. Note: when white, the suitcases glow too.
  • It spawns in a different colour scheme to the other Niseco trucks.

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