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PBC Tower
PBC tower at night after Pirate Broadcast
The PBC Tower during night.
Settlement in Panau
Type The highest skyscraper in Panau and HQ of Panau Broadcasting Company.
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:15640; Y:4140
Missions that take place here Pirate Broadcast and
Race challenge: PBC Plunge

The PBC Tower is a location and notable building in Just Cause 2.


The PBC Tower is the highest building in Panau.

According to real world skyscraper height measurement rules, antennas and masts are not counted as parts of the building, unless they're listed separately. So in the real world (as of October 2017), it would be the fifth tallest skyscraper in the world, with the tallest being the Burj Khalifa at 828 m (see Wikipedia for full list). The building has at least 168 floors (measured by counting elevator doors).

For the purposes of this article, all heights are measured with the aid of the PDA map marker from its default location for Bandar Baru Nipah.

The Panau Military is always guarding the tower tops, usually near the antennas. There are a few grunts and one elite soldier walking around. They sometimes follow Rico off the tower and as they have no parachute, will always fall to their death. Using dual grappling is an effective way to throw these enemies off the edge.

It seems very strange that the tower is located here, as more of Panau is located on the other side of the Berawan Besar Mountains than where the PBC Tower is located. However, another radio transmitter is located on the Burj Panau, brodcasting to the rest of Panau.

Condition Height
The highest point - the red lights. 596 m.
The big satellite dish. 590 m.
The satellite dish platform after the mission Pirate Broadcast. 576 m.
The roof. 560 m.

It has been reported that if you jump from the main antenna and don't open your Parachute until about 1 meter from the ground, the base jump achievement will say "Base Jump: 605 meters".


It has a large base area consisting of four cylinder-like shapes which rise up most of the way and then close down into a single smaller cylinder-like shape, that doesn't really go much higher than the base.


It's the headquarters of the Panau Broadcasting Company (PBC) and its top is used as a television and radio broadcasting antenna. The building probably contains a lot of television and radio studios. The building is also featured in the mission Pirate Broadcast.


The PBC (Panau Broadcasting Company) Tower is a skyscraper in the middle of Bandar Baru Nipah. It dominates the skyline, so it should be easy to locate. It's located a few kilometers north of the Berawan Besar Mountains and right in between the two branches of the northern mouth of the Sungai Sejuk River.


It is speculated that it was built in the 21st century, after Pandak Panay took power of Panau. The surrounding city probably didn't exist before the tower was erected. Once the tower and the city eventually were built, the Nipah valley became one of the highest growing regions in Panau, also housing two other cities: Kota Pantai Kuala and Pekan Lalang Liar.

The tower itself became the new HQ for the Panau Broadcasting Company, which is speculated to have been stationed in the Burj Panau. The Burj Panau was likely built during Papa Panay's government.

During the events of Pirate Broadcast, Rico blew up the large main satellite dish at the top of the tower.


The height and area of this tower makes BASE jumping a common activity when at the top of the building. There is even a race challenge; PBC Plunge. The very top of the tower, the top of a radar dish, is a great way to see where to BASE-jump to. Unfortunately the building is not higher than 1km, so no achievements can be achieved here.


  • The PBC Tower is the only notable skyscraper in Pelaut Archipelago.
  • Despite its size, it doesn't have any vehicles on top.
  • Except for the ground level, most of the tower is a restricted area.
  • It is common to see planes crashing into the PBC Tower.
  • When extracted to Bandar Baru Nipah, Rico will sometimes hit the tower and be killed on impact.
  • This building is based on the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The real building is much lower and doesn't have any large antennas. The final action sequence of the 2002 movie "Showtime" takes place there.
  • If you want to get to the satellite dishes fast, you can always grapple to the elevators, which conveniently go all the way up.
  • The tower is named after the Panau Broadcasting Company, which was named after the BBC.