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Pandak "Baby" Panay
Pandak "Baby" Panay
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Casino Bust
Job President of Panau
Last known status Deceased

Pandak "Baby" Panay is the main antagonist of Just Cause 2.

Personal infoEdit

He was born in the Kuala Cherah village. 

Pandak "Baby" Panay is the president of Panau. He has taken over control of the island nation from his deceased father, president Papa Panay, who (according to The Agency) was killed by a car bomb that was set by Pandak.

Even though a Panauan, Panay is heavily influenced by Japanese elements. He hires Ninjas as bodyguards and the interior of his Wajah Ramah Fortress is built in medieval Japanese style.

Colonel Sivanathan was his childhood friend.

He owns a green chameleon as a pet. It sits on his shoulder during the mission Into the Den. It may be the chameleon that the lolly Chameleon Ice is based on.

He enjoys the vulgar and heavy handed poems sent to him by Colonel Virgilio, whom Pandak lovingly refers to as the "national bard".

Pandak likes to impress girls by pretending to understand German and Dutch. He does this with the aid of pirate DVDs, supplied to him by colonel Zulkrnain.

Speculation about his nameEdit

The name Pandak "Baby" Panay may have been inspired by combining the names of Haiti's dictator (Jean-Claude "Baby Doc") and the island of Panay in the Philippines, which is an archipelago located in South East Asia, much like the fictional islands in the game.

The pronounciations of "Panay" in game and in the Filipino language are different. Panay in game is pronounced "pa-ney" and the pronunciation in the Filipino language is "Pa-nay". Both "a"s in the Filipino language are pronounced the way "a" is pronounced in continental Europe and not "ey", like in english. "Pandak" is a Filipino word, which means "midget".

Presidential policiesEdit

Panay oil speech

In the mission Into the Den.

Civil rightsEdit

As a brutal dictator, he tortures and kills all who oppose him.

After Baby Panay took power he began stripping down local Panauan's rights, and started giving them to foreigners. He made the island a playground for international millionaires and tourists. He built attractions strictly for foreigners, such as the Mile High Club, Panau Falls Casino, Three Kings Hotel, airstrips for private jets and small beach clubs.

The government frequently arrests people for questioning the government. This grows during the revolution. The political prisoners are tortured for information and usually killed. Arrested people can be seen at all military-run road checkpoints. Many of the arrested are probably not guilty of anything.

Baby Panay had always known that the Ular Tribe had always been wishing for more political power, mainly because they were once rulers of Panau. So when Baby Panay took power he considered them a threat, so he began stripping their rights just like any other Panauan civilian. Except that the Ulars rights were diminished so much that they were even below any other Panauan citizen.

When Papa Panay lost power, his justice system went with him. Baby Panay set up a more brutal justice system. Anyone who makes a minor infraction is usually arrested and beaten. Many are innocent. Some are arrested for life, or killed. Baby Panay claims that he has killed and tortured dozens of criminals in one hour. During the revolution, most are tortured and then killed. Also during the revolution, Baby Panay declared an Execution Day and all currently arrested citizens will be killed, due to full jail cells.

Military build-upEdit

Main article: Panau Military.

When Pandak "Baby" Panay took over Panau he started a massive military build-up using the natural gas sales money. People began complaining, saying that "this couldn't possibly be more important than ending starvation on Panau", but they were quickly silenced. This including making all harbors and airports strictly for military use, creating many new military bases making an entire local military heavy communications network and putting heavy military presence in civilian areas. He also built some of it for himself, like a personal fortress and an atomic submarine, the U1. A Space Program was also created, it was more for military satellites than research. Lastly he created a ring of high command military colonels, and he pays them an enormous salary to give the military more power. The reason for this was because of his major ego and thrive for power, but it was probably mostly to protect Panauan Oil from invaders.


Pandak uses many Propaganda Trailers; statues of himself and billboards of himself to influence the citizens of Panau that the government and Baby Panay are to be respected. You can destroy them for money and chaos points. The Panau Broadcasting Company only ever broadcasts government propaganda. Usually to cover-up reports of anti-government violence.

If you Grapple on the billboard and press Use/Action (E on PC), a mustache and eyeglasses will appear on his face, looking like Rico painted them there with a black marker. This is listed on the Easter Eggs page.

Panau City and new settlementsEdit

The country needed more space to house citizens, when Baby Panay took power, so he started two projects: the construction of slums in Panau City and settling the country. In Panau City, buildings were torn down and replaced with compact condos.

Some new settlements, often in barren territories, are so small that they barely rank to town status. These settlements also meant to improve the infrastructure and to hopefully improve the economy.

Landmark constructionEdit

Baby Panay always wished to make Panau more powerful, so he posted a radical construction project to build many new landmarks in Panau City. This meant destroying many pre-existing buildings. He first alerts the people of this via Propaganda Trailers. This project was slowed and later canceled during the revolution.

Appearance in the game storylineEdit

Chameleon (quality icon)

Pandak´s pet chameleon.

Throughout the storyline of the game, the agency missions revolve around you eventually getting rid of or killing Panay and putting a US friendly president in his place. In the sixth mission, Karl Blaine tries and ultimately fails to kill Panay by pulling a grenade and clutching Panay so they die together. Subsequently, in the seventh mission Rico encounters the nuclear submarine (U1) again and discovers that Panay is alive and planning to launch a nuclear strike on major world powers. A boss battle-style fight follows in which Rico defeats Panay and his Ninjas. Panay is injured, but escapes with an Assault Rifle and his chameleon to launch the Nuclear missiles, jumping onto the America-bound one as they launch. Rico pursues, disabling the missiles under Panay's fire. Once Rico has disposed of the China, Japan and Russia bound missiles, he jumps onto the missile intended for the USA, knocks down Baby Panay and then pushes him into the engine controls and sets it to explode in the oil field. Pandak Panay presumably dies in the resulting explosion.


  • Nuclear missiles - Launched from the U1 during the last storyline mission.
  • Assault Rifle - During the shoot-out on the nuclear missiles.
  • Unique multi-shot Rocket Launcher - During the shoot-out inside the U1. That weapon can fire multiple missiles in short succession and is basically an automatic weapon. If obtained through mods, or a glitch, the weapons name that appears on screen is "Rocketlauncher_LoD_ComtrollerDiffs_Panay". See the Rocket Launcher article for more info on this weapon.

See alsoEdit


Panau City poster Panay

A beta Panay on a Panau City poster.

  • Pandak means "short" in Tagalog, a language spoken by the Tagalog people in the Philippines.
  • Panay is rarely a surname in Southeast Asia. However, Panay is a name of an island in the Visayan Isles of the Philippines, divided into 4 provinces: Iloilo, Capiz, Antique, and Aklan. Iloilo City is the regional center of the Island and of Region VI in which Panay belongs.
    • There are several theories revolving around the name of the island:
      • Based from a Spanish expression "¡Pan hay en este isla!": When Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's expeditionary forces suffered hunger on their way to Manila (Maynilad) and exclaimed on the existence of bread when they stumbled upon the island, which eventually became the name of a rural municipality in Capiz which would later became the name of the entire island.
      • From a Proto-Visayan compound word "aninipay", where "ani" means "to harvest" and "nipay" is a certain variety of hairy grass with stingy barbs, prevalent during the Ati settlement of the island, centuries before the arrival of the Visayans.
      • Story from the Visayan epic "Maragtas": There was a connection with the Buddhist kingdom of "Pannai", which existed around the Malay peninsula until its decline during the Tamil domination under the Chola Empire in 14th Century. The Confederacy of Madya-as in the island of Panay was considered as the successor-state of Pannai kingdom and its subjects from the Sri-Vijaya confederacy in Malay peninsula became the ancestors of modern Visayan people.
  • Just like Rico, who was based on many action and spy movie characters, Pandak was also based on a combination of many different real and fictional characters. Examples include:
    • Kim Jong Il, one of the former rulers of North Korea.
    • The warden's son in the comical martial-arts action movie "The Story of Ricky".
    • He looks like he may have been based on Kim Jong Un, the current ruler of North Korea, who's well-known for his nuclear threats. Despite the similarity in both military policy and appearance, this is highly unlikely, as Kim Jong Un was still a relatively unknown person at the time of the making of the game, and was not even first in the North Korean line of succession.
    • His haircut looks similar to that of Adolf Hitler.
    • Ferdinand Marcos, 10th president of the Philippines. He enforced a nationwide martial law and suspended all the rights of the citizens by imposing curfew hours and punish citizens sympathizing with the communist rebels and insurgents. All of the human rights violations committed by the military during his regime were all attributed to him. He ruled first as a president in 1965, reelected in 1969, called for a constitutional convention in 1971, and as a dictator from 1973 until 1986, when he was ousted by Corazón Cojuanco Aquino, the first woman president of the Philippines, in a mass revolution in Manila.
    • The "Baby" epithet may have been inspired by Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, dictator of Haiti, who, inherited his rule from his father, François "Papa Doc" Duvalier. Pandak "Baby" Panay likewise inherited his rule from his father, Papa Panay. In both cases, the elder leader had relatively warm ties with the United States, despite major atrocities against the people, cults of personality and shamelessly rigged elections. The younger leader ratcheted up the level of atrocity and corruption, while also scorning the U.S. and turning relations cold.
  • His pet chameleon looks similar to Chameleon Ice ice-cream.
  • There are ripped posters in some Panau City alleys of someone who looks very similar to Panay. This was an earlier version of him during game development. See more at Cut game content.
  • Pandak has Reportedly spent some time at the Mile High Club according to Razak "The Razor" Razman who tells Rico , " The Mile High Club has dirt on everybody in Panau, even Baby Panay".

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