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Pankhurst Bus Tap Tap
Pankhurst Bus Tap Tap
At Paradiso Melledino, a town west of the capital.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Bus
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians

The Pankhurst Bus Tap Tap is a Bus in Just Cause (1).


It's pretty slow, so you definitely can't use it to break the legal speed limit. Like the Vanderbildt Streamliner, it has extreme difficulty getting up hills at average speed. As is the case for a lot of heavy vehicles, the Pankhurst Bus tends to understeer heavily, especially when driven by a panicking civilian.

Other facts and special featuresEdit

  • It has enough seats for 24 passengers, but because of Game limits, it can't carry anyone other than a driver.
  • It has a cargo frame on the roof, which is never used.
  • There's a ladder leading to the roof, on the rear wall, but Rico can't climb it.
  • Even though it has no doors on the left side, the driver will still be pushed out through the left wall after Rico has hi-jacked the bus. The driver can even leave and re-enter the bus through the invisible left front door, but Rico can never use it.
  • Rico can only enter the bus only by the right side.
  • It can be seen in at least five paint combinations:
    • Red, greenish and white.
    • Red, purple and white.
    • Red, military-esque grey and white.
    • Red, reddish brown and white.
    • Red, black and white.
  • It's based on old Ford bus model, the model Ford B700 could be of the year 1989, (see the gallery section).


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